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Portland is the largest city in Oregon, and county seat of Multnomah County. It is located within the Pacific Northwest, straddling the Willamette River and just south of its confluence with the Columbia River.

Portland still retains a pleasant, small city feel, both for its well-preserved Beaux Arts architecture and walk able urban core, as well as its easygoing ambiance. The city still remains an excellent spot for casual visitors to slack around for weeks at a time, with a wealth of good diners, microbreweries, bookstores, clubs and coffee houses to keep you occupied.

The city was named after Portland, Maine, following a coin toss between its two East Coast founders in 1845 ("Boston" was the other option). Its location on a deep part of the Willamette River, just 78 miles from the Pacific and surrounded by fertile valleys, made it a perfect trading port.

The Willamette River divides Portland in half: the downtown area lies between the river's west bank and the I-405 freeway, forming the bulk of the city's southwest quadrant; the east is mostly residential.

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